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3D Stickers is a team of qualified and experienced specialists able to provide the customers with quality stickers covered with a protective substance. These solutions are used extremely often to secure white background of promotional materials and to extend the longevity of such product. This company had the pleasure of working with both small associations, as well as huge corporations. The attractive prices they offer and the excellence of every commission, make them a frequent choice of people wanting to advertise their business.

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Their 3D stickers are covered with the substance known as one of the so-called epoxy resins. These synthetic materials offer great protection for every surface they are applied to. This is why many companies cover their promotional gadgets with it to prevent the logos and contact info printed on them from wearing down. The team at 3D Stickers will make sure the final product is of great quality – the design flawless and the epoxy coat applied carefully to look and feel good in the hand of the potential customer.

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